The HYPER Blitz launched another round on the 28th of August 2016!!

How Do You Enter?

  Create an account or log in to this website and setup your Steam ID.
Visit this page to create your HYPER Web Wallet, then start playing on any of our game servers!

How Do You Win?

Become one of the top 3 ranked players on any of our game servers. Prizes are paid out directly to your HYPER Web Wallet.

Prize Table:
Game Name First Place Second place Third place
Counter-Strike GO 125 HYPER 62.5 HYPER 31.25 HYPER
Team Fortress 2 50 HYPER 25 HYPER 12.5 HYPER
Counter-Strike 1.6 18 HYPER 9 HYPER 4.5 HYPER
Insurgency 22 HYPER 11 HYPER 5.5 HYPER
Nuclear Dawn 5 HYPER 2.5 HYPER 1.25 HYPER
Fistful of Frags 20 HYPER 10 HYPER 5 HYPER
Pirates Vikings and Knights 2 25 HYPER 12.5 HYPER 6.25 HYPER
Left 4 Dead 2 30 HYPER 15 HYPER 7.5 HYPER
Day of Defeat Source 2 HYPER 1 HYPER 0.5 HYPER

This round ends on Saturday September 3rd at 11:55 P.M. EDT.

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