You can earn HYPER while playing ANY Steam game! All you need to do is opt-in on this page, click here!

Current Bonus Values:

0.005 HYPER paid automatically every hour when you have "" OR "" in your Steam name!
0.005 HYPER bonus every hour if you have the CashNCarry Steam group set as your primary group!
5% additional bonus for every player you refer who is online and receiving a bonus!


Your Steam status must be online, not AFK or etc, in order to receive bonuses. Your Steam profile must be set to allow public viewing (default).

If you are playing a Steam game and have "" OR "" (no quotes) in your name you will earn 0.01 HYPER per hour. You can increase this bonus by referring friends. Every friend you refer who is earning a bonus will grant you an additional 5% payout! All you need to do is have your friends provide your user name as their referrer when they sign up! User names are case sensitive!

Payments are sent automatically to your HYPER Web Wallet!

The exact time payments are sent is random, payouts happen one time every hour.