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Commands that can be used with Coin2TipBot:

  Returns a link to this web page.

!coin2donate 187
  Donates 187 mCoin2 to Coin2TipBot to help support the project.

  Returns your current balance in mCoin2.

  Returns a Coin2 address which you can send Coin2 to. Your deposit will be automatically placed into your account. 1 Coin2 is equal to 1000 mCoin2. There is a minimum deposit amount of 1 Coin2.

!coin2address CNnKszL6pmqTxmoS4UFMTUrh3H6NWYMGku
  Sets your withdrawal address to the Coin2 address "CNnKszL6pmqTxmoS4UFMTUrh3H6NWYMGku"

!coin2withdraw 1234
  Requests a withdrawal from your account for 1234 mCoin2 (1.234 Coin2) which will be sent to the address you added with the !coin2address command. Returns a transaction ID linked to the block explorer. There is currently a 500 mCoin2 (0.5 Coin2) minimum withdrawal amount.

!coin2tip username 1234
  Removes 1234 mCoin2 from your account and transfers it to the user named username.

  Invites the Coin2TipBot to your channel so that your stream users can send, deposit, withdraw, and receive Coin2 tips. The bot will remain in your channel until you issue the !coin2leave command.

  Instructs the Coin2TipBot to leave your channel, removing the ability for your stream users to send, deposit, withdraw, and receive Coin2 tips within your channel.

mCoin2 is an abbreviation for milliCoin2. 1 mCoin2 is equal to 0.001 Coin2. Coin2 is a cryptocurrency, you can learn more about it here:

 You can use the Coin2TipBot on your own stream giving your stream users the ability to send, withdraw, and receive Coin2 tips as well as the ability to deposit Coin2! If you would like the Coin2Tipbot to join your stream issue the !coin2invite command in this chat!